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Best Google Adwords In Sonipat

What Are Google Adwords

Fighting click fraud is just one of the necessary tools in optimizing your PPC campaign(s). Blogs are a great source of information that can provide you with AdWords best practices, latest news, and so much more. Here are our picks for the top 5 must read blogs that will help you optimize your next PPC campaign.

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1. PPC Hero

Hanapin Marketing is a digital marketing agency that runs the blog PPC Hero. This is a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) blog that has a serious passion for all things pay per click. A wide range of businesses can find immense value in reading PPC Hero everyone from small mom and pop shops to large corporations. What makes this blog stand out of the crowd is their PPC strategy based content. This is a must read blog because it provides the best industry leading insights. PPC Hero turns out great content every time with everything from anchor posts about click fraud to more recent posts about the latest AdWords news, these are definitely worth a read.



2. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a hub for all your search engine marketing needs with a section dedicated to Google. Here you will find the best practices, latest news, and everything Google related that paid search engine marketers should know. Search Engine Land is a prime source to learn all things Google AdWords including the tips and tricks necessary to run a successful PPC campaign. Check out a wide range of relevant topics from ad fraud to the latest about Google updates and why not to worry.


3. KlientBoost

KlientBoost’s blog is a one stop shop for all things pay per click. Landing pages and PPC marketing is the name of their game making them a leading authority in PPC advertising. The blog is stuffed with information about AdWords and other online advertising platforms. Their articles are a one stop shop for everything AdWords from AdWords Display Networks to AdWords Account Expansion. Learn how to perfectly sculpt your AdWords account to be the most successful paid search marketer you can be.



4. Logical Position

Internet marketing is the name of Logical Position’s game with a huge emphasis on growing your business. They made their blog accessible and easy to understand for all AdWords advertisers, making it a must read AdWords blog. The blog is heavily focused on educational articles and other useful tips for all things paid search. Their blog is stuffed with great articles with everything AdWords related to combatting click fraud.



5. Google AdWords Blog

It may seem obvious, but going straight to the source is never a bad idea when looking for the latest AdWords news. Learn some of the leading industry tips from Google themselves. There you can find useful guides, newsletters, and blog posts galore. Find useful information for not only a paid search marketer but anyone running a pay per click campaign in Google AdWords. The blog’s articles provide information about new tools for publishers, maximizing conversions, and more.


Final Thoughts

In order to be a successful paid search marketer and to run a successful pay per click campaign, it’s important to know the ins and outs of AdWords. These five blogs are amazing resources for the best practices, latest news, useful tips, and trick. But remember, a PPC campaign can only go so far without the necessary protection on your investment. Preserve your ad budget by blocking fraudsters who maliciously click on your ads. These fraudsters may be your competitor, bots, or even click farms. After all your hard earned research take the final step and protect your campaigns to improve your ROI.


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